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One interviewee spoke of an increase in the number of women who act as drug “mules,” crossing the border into Afghanistan and returning with heroin. Even women with university diplomas now publish their profiles on international marriage broker web sites. As one interviewee famous, some women are keen to take the chance of getting into into a relationship with a stranger abroad as a result of they see no other options for financial stability in Turkmenistan.

Some of the identified early Iranian tribes included the Massagatae, Scythians/Sakas, and early Soghdians (more than likely precursors of the Khwarezmians). Turkmenistan was a passing level for quite a few migrations and invasions by tribes which gravitated in direction of the settled regions of the south including historical Mesopotamia, Elam, and the Indus Valley Civilization. In some regions Russian faculties have been closed, and the division of Russian philology at Turkmen State University was shut down in 2002.

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The Afghan Turkmen population in the Nineteen Nineties was estimated at around 200,000. The original Turkmen teams got here from east of the Caspian Sea into northwestern Afghanistan at various periods, significantly after the tip of the nineteenth century when the Russians moved into their territory. They established settlements from Balkh Province to Herat Province, where turkmenistan bride they are now concentrated; smaller teams settled in Kunduz Province. Others got here in appreciable numbers on account of the failure of the Basmachi revolts in opposition to the Bolsheviks within the Twenties. Turkmen tribes, of which there are twelve main groups in Afghanistan, base their structure on genealogies traced via the male line.

MARY SHANTI DAIRIAM, expert from Malaysia, stated that well timed reporting to the Committee was obligatory under the human rights treaty, as a result of it enabled the timely monitoring of progress made in eliminating discrimination against women. That was in line with the worldwide norms and requirements of the treaty that Turkmenistan had voluntarily ratified. Was it a problem of understanding the scope of rights of ladies and the Government’s obligations under this treaty? For instance, page 12 of the report, stated that the position of a lady was to be a caretaker of the family and children.

Thus, the key features of the Turkmen well being system are instability and insecurity. Paragraph 87 of the federal government report discusses equal alternatives for obtaining scholarships for greater education.

Also, he is a racing car driver, a rapper and wrote several books about tea. Gas and electrical energy are free in Turkmenistan, so some residents decide to have their stoves burning 24/7 to avoid the price of using matches. There are not many people around in the streets of Ashgabat and the buildings are virtually all empty. I then acquired an official LOI by email which virtually served as a visa and it was only essential to indicate up with the LOI and the passport within the airport. Entry to the nation and the related shiny green Turkmenistan visa sticker in the passport was then only formality.

The authorities doesn’t need a adverse influence or influence from the web for its citizen and vice-versa, doesn’t need that “info” is leaked to out to the world. As there isn’t a web messenger like WhatsApp out there in Turkmenistan, I did not see many people utilizing a mobile phone for texting or surfing the web. A Hare Krishna consultant reported that harassment from officials had decreased since her group’s registration; there were no reports of authorities beating Hare Krishnas during this reporting period.

Originally, all Turkic tribes that have been part of the Turkic dynastic mythological system (for example, Uigurs, Karluks, and numerous other tribes, including tribes of Western or Oghuz Turks) have been designated «Turkmens». The term is thought to derive from Türk plus the Sogdian affix of similarity -myn, -men, and means «resembling a Türk» or «co-Türk». The type of desertification attributable to year-spherical pasturing of cattle has been termed the most devastating in Central Asia, with the gravest situations in Turkmenistan and the Kazakh steppe along the japanese and northern coasts of the Caspian Sea. Wind erosion and desertification also are extreme in settled areas alongside the Garagum Canal; planted windbreaks have died because of soil waterlogging and/or salinization. Other components selling desertification are the inadequacy of the collector-drainage system constructed in the Fifties and inappropriate software of chemical substances.


Responding to Mr. Flinterman’s question, Ms. ATAEVA mentioned Turkmenistan had ratified the Women’s Anti-Discrimination Convention in 1996, and that it had the standing of law. If no law or legal act existed concerning a particular scenario, then the difficulty was handled under the provisions of worldwide treaties. She said she couldn’t give examples of the usage of the Convention within the courts. He requested extra details about efforts to generate public awareness in regards to the relevance of the Convention.

On 11 March, Soltan Achilova, an independent freelance journalist, was prevented from boarding a global flight. Concerning unemployment indicators, she stated fertility rates were dropping among the many rural inhabitants, which had access to contraceptives, household planning and reproductive heath training. Health centres had been set up in rural populations to offer medical care, and had been working intently with family planning offices and local authorities to offer medical care to pregnant woman and schooling on the spread of infectious ailments. Ms. ATAEVA agreed with the consultants on the significance of health statistics, in addition to entry to public health care, and assured the Committee that the next report would come with such knowledge. The restructuring of the well being system had resulted in a considerably improved health service, the place free health care was provided to the agricultural inhabitants.

None of the interviewees for this report knew of applications to tell victims of violence in opposition to women of their rights, supply them security or shelter, assist them in court docket, or assist them deal with trauma. Preparation of the report was supported by the Open Society Institute and the Catharine A. Cram International Women’s Human Rights Fund on the University of Minnesota. Take the necessary instance of the nation’s well being-care system, controlled — as are all its establishments — by the government. For one thing, it is impossible for non-governmental well being-care organizations, or NGOs of any sort, to work in Turkmenistan due to the government suspicions of foreigners’ actions.

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He additionally requested extra data on the role of ladies’s organizations, human rights organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) regarding women’s rights, including the rights of minority women. Turning to the Code of Marriage and Family, she mentioned the idea of motherhood in Turkmenistan was “surrounded by common honour and respect”. A complete system of motherhood and childhood provided mandatory care of girls during pregnancy, childbirth and the submit-natal period, as well as care for children in the course of the first 5 years. Services at the regional stage (velayats) also existed to cut back the incidence of mortality amongst moms and infants and to help households regulate intervals between childbirths.

Implementing the NAP is necessary to strengthen gender equality,” said Ms. Jacinta Barrins, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP/ UNFPA Representative. Approved by Presidential decree in January 2015, Turkmenistan’s first National Action Plan on Gender Equality seeks to combat gender-based mostly violence and finish discrimination towards women. Hosted by Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with assist from UN Women and different UN agencies, meeting critiques timeline and specifics essential to implement country’s National Action Plan on Gender Equality.

It shows that it’s critically necessary to determine and adequately help weak groups. Equity and inclusion of all ought to be the primary guiding rules of all nationwide policies and programmes advancing rights of youngsters and girls. Turkmenistan will promote physical exercise among women during their pregnancy as an innovative strategy to deal with the bodily inactivity of ladies and high ranges of childhood weight problems. In her closing remarks, Ms. Ataeva mentioned the consultants’ enter would be included in the subsequent nation report and used to improve activities regarding the status of ladies. The specialists’ enter would even be duly famous by Turkmenistan authorities, notably their concerns concerning the dearth of disaggregated knowledge.