Announcing My Book, “Meet The Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living”

We’re financially independent for the last couple of years but still do a little work for one of our clients. Over the last few years we’ve converted all our investments to low cost index funds. We’ve always needed to be able to have a nest egg to walk away from clients we just didn’t want to work with. I preordered your book on Amazon because I thought the title was intriguing. I had never heard of your blog either so the Frugalwoods World is new to me.

I look at money completely differently. I was never a shopaholic but I now question all purchases and look to see the value in each one. I am sure your book will more than pay for itself and best books about forex so look forward to it’s arrival and then lending it to my children. Writing a book is a huge achievement. The world needs to understand that raising children can be free from so much stuff.

I just read your book in one sitting on my Kindle. Although we are at different stages of life your thought processes are so inspirational. Congratulations on a book well written with such warmth, humor, and candor.

She has the talent to become a well respected writer, of fiction. To her credit the author does start with the disclaimer that this book was written by middle class white people living in a First world country. But by god I’ve never met a more removed from reality and preachy woman as this author.

I am now reading your book and I’m unable to put it down. You should really consider writing fiction.

Good look and best wishes to you all. I’m 57 so in the prior generation but I’m passing your book onto my daughter who’s 22 and getting ready to graduate from college. I hope she can learn from some of your experiences but I think everyone needs to struggle some just to figure out what’s important to them. My husband and I have been self-employed software developers since 1989 so we have the ‘do our own thing’ mindset. Since our daughter has grown up with us always being around I hope we’ve passed on some of the non-conformity mindset to her too.

Meet The Frugalwoods

I’ve never had a baby, but I’d imagine that’s what it’s best forex trading books reviews like. Unimaginable pain but also incomparable joy.

I will add your blog to my list of loved blogs. I write a blog called about mothering with instinct. Thank you for sharing your story of writing a book! I’ve written a children’s book (co-authored with my husband), and all the pain, rejections, rewriting, endless-rounds of editing is exactly like you said. It really is a labour of love and the entire time you are just bleeding on to the page.

But, this book has not been marketed as literature. She comes across as arrogant, which based on her blog, I believe she is not. Having a dictionary nearby while reading this is not a bad idea. I would like to see her write a book of fiction.

I think the message of living within your means is important, but there’s a difference between people who struggle to get by and the Frugalwoods. pre ordered your book as soon as it was advertised. waited not so) patiently for it to arrive on my kindle. Started reading and couldn’t put it down. Have followed your blog for a couple of years and love everything about it.

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  • Maybe there will be more soon as the FIRE movement continues to grow.
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  • it includes both income and location, as well as a hefty dose of personal perception.
  • I mean, come on, who wants to live in rural Vermont?
  • Namely, no student loans- which is a complete anomaly for most people in their age bracket.
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  • Although I enjoyed the Frugalwoods blog too, the reason you found this book disheartening is probably due to what is hidden.
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  • But the frugal life is a choice for them.
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Meet The Frugalwoods

For whom frugality is a bid to purchase success (her limited way of saying happiness). Also her story drips with privilege. She bends over backwards to acknowledge this. But you just can’t get around the fact that they couldn’t achieve what they achieved without being high-earning, college-educated DINKS (double income no kids). I have a lot of nit-picky criticisms of the book.

On a related note she makes the excellent decision to not become too ill to work. My other “complaint” was her vocabulary. Seriously, she uses words that nobody uses in daily conversation. It is obvious she has a degree in creative writing, as she is a gifted writer.

(It barely escapes my dreaded «millennial special snowflake» tag. 😉 And yet, I find the Thames’ story extremely inspirational. In fact, while listening to an interview of the author on a podcast, I came up with a scheme to change our living situation drastically–hopefully for the better– and save a ton of money. This book is basically rich people who play frugal and profit off of it. When you bring in 4k+ per month in rental income plus income from a 250k+ job, you are not middle class.

I love your message and I love your writing. Keeping our focus on the truly important things can be so hard in this wildly consumerist culture. Your writing has really helped provide clarity and encouragement.

Book depository was the cheapest option for us Aussies. Decided to work some overtime and buy it with part of my pay from the pay. I have gained so much and so enjoy your blogs that I decided to reward myself and you with the purchase. Just last month alone I did the frugal challenge and saved over$500, one in October $700 and$300 on my first one in July.

I’m a keen Australian reader of your blog. I really enjoy your style of writing and the lifestyle you’ve created for your family. I have added your book to my book list and will excitedly try to wait until March next year! Most of my books come from the library but this one I will be purchasing for my bookshelf.

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I loved the book and am now working my way through the blog which is also very good. I am retired but can definitely use some inspiration to spend less so I can do more fun things.

I am so excited for you, and I can’t wait to read the book. You are truly one of the most entertaining and compelling frugality writers I have encountered. I just pre-ordered and really want to thank you so much for the inspiring blog.